Clothing: Hugo’s Designs

Erik Hugo is no stranger to those involved in the fetish world of Second Life. Whether you are full-blown into the rubber / BDSM scene, or simply like seeing your avatar in outstanding latex wear, Erik provides some of the *best* outfits and ensembles available in SL and displays them all in a store that showcases his skills as a designer and a builder.

Gun for hire

I’ve been a fan of Erik’s work since his first store opened – much to my account balance’s despair! – and have collected a number of his outfits in that time. Indeed, it’s fair to say I count his work among my top five latex designers in SL, right up there with Jackie Graves, Khorus Magne, of Elixir, Cheyenne Colasanti, and Kai Heideman of Powers of Creation.

Erik’s outfits run from full-cover catsuits through to the seriously risqué, but all have two things worthy of special note: they are all crafted with outstanding care and attention to detail, and they all look bloody good when worn.

Outfits are supplied no copy / transfer – and every layer of clothing is generally supplied within a pack (although always check the vendor for precise details). This means that not only is it always very easy to wear an outfit using a combination of layers to avoid conflicts with other items such as tattoos and body oils, etc. (if you are not using a Viewer supporting the new tattoo layer) – it also makes combining various Hugo outfits into stylish, eye-popping ensembles an absolute joy. This latter point is ably demonstrated by the large images that help define Erik’s store, and which show off the ensemble nature of his products to mouth-watering delight.

Lady Bane

Like other designers, Erik has been quick to move into the provisioning of “hooded” latex catsuits that utilise the tattoo layer – and these, I have to say – are simply a joy. Supplied with either and open-faced hood or with a catwoman-like mask (and complete with kitty tail and ears), Erik’s tattoo layer outfits are simply outstanding, and again provide a range of options and opportunities for really showing oneself off when combined with his other wears – or when one wants to be especially fetish-oriented.

After-sales service is again what you’d expect to find from a top-flight store. Errors are exceptionally rare, but when they do happen, Erik and his team are never less than polite, friendly, and quick to sort matters out. I had first hand experience of this about a year ago when I received an outfit that should have come with black / white options: but within which *some* of the black layers were missing. No sooner had I dropped a Notecard to Erik than he was calling me via IM, and after a quick confirmatory check, he forwarded an completenew outfit: effectively leaving me with one-and-two-thirds of the same item; he even refused my offer to return the incomplete copy to him for re-packaging and resale, urging me to pass it on to someone who might like it: which I subsequently did, with a little note of explanation. That kind of service in SL is a true mark of quality.

Hugo's Designs Store

White but not angelic!

Hugo’s Designs prices range from around the L$400 mark through to about L$600 and offer exceptional value, given the degree of detail and the number of layers supplied per outfit. If you’re into latex, be it for roleplay, clubbing or simply looking good, and you’ve not availed yourself of Erik’s store, I urge you to do so – you won’t be disappointed! Just don’t tell your account balance I sent you, or it’ll hate me forever!

If I have one fault to level at Erik and his team it is that someone really should label the “ensemble” outfit pictures with hints as to what has been used to make them; there have been a couple of times when visiting the store when my PC has nearly had a meltdown as I’ve cammed constantly back and forth from a poster to the vendors in the store, trying to work out which outfits the various bits in the poster are from, so I can go buy them!

Outfits in pictures

  • “Gun for Hire” – “HD Star”
  • “Lady Bane” – “HD Violet Tattoo Layer Catsuit” & “HD Lucid 3.0”
  • “White but not angelic” – “HD Ilya”

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