RF Body Corset

I’ve long been a fan of items from Restrained Freedom, Katie Paine’s and Hartie Scheflo’s store. Over the last three years they’ve developed a line of bondage items that are as devious as the likes of Marine Kelley’s, and which demonstrate a wicked sense of fun.

On the 11th October 2010, Restrained Freedom released what Katie herself described as an outfit that has been “three years in development”: an outfit long envisioned, but which SL, through the introduction of alpha masks has only now made possible.

Full outfit

At first glance, the RF Body Corset – a full-length, all-encapsulating suit that includes a helmet / hood, multi-purpose jacket and a leg sheath with mono boot – would appear to be a variation on the RF Discipline Suit that is very well-known within BDSM circles.

However, appearances can be deceptive – in this case, very deceptive.

For a start, the Body Corset makes excellent use of sculpties to produce what is, in my opinion, one of the cleanest-looking bondage “suits” in SL, with a default finish highly suggestive of dipped latex that has been highly polished. The detailing, in terms of straps, lacings, buckles, padlocks, and so on, are all exquisite and show considerable care.

But – what really makes this outfit different is the inventive way it uses alpha masks to achieve the desired look and feel of whole-body bondage: not a single invisiprim is used anywhere in the design – and frankly, it raises the bar for this type of outfit to new heights.

In the box

The Suit comes with an impressive array of items:

  • Prim parts for hood, jacket (upper body), skirt for the pelvis, and upper / lower legs
  • Scripts to automatically hide mod-able hair and ears when the hood is worn
  • A comprehensive set of instructions, including guidelines on setting-up the suit to work under #RLV
  • A default shape (although the outfit can be resized to fit your natural shape)
  • A safety key feature
  • Two special “unpackers” to help set-up the Alpha Masks.


Due to the fact the outfit *does* use alpha masks – and does so *intelligently* – selecting the required masks and applying them according to poses, positions, etc., – the suit requires a careful amount of set-up. The core aspect of this is that, in order to work, the scripting in the suit must “know” where to find things – and this means the outfit must be placed in a specific #RLV hierarchy, thus:

  • #RLV -> Restraints -> #RF Body Corset

Hood & gag panel

Placing the outfit anywhere else in #RLV will not render it unusable – it will just stop the correct alpha masks from being loaded when required.

Within this structure, the Alpha Masks themselves require their own folders  – something that could be somewhat tedious to set-up, even with the various guides supplied (Notecard, texture image and a prim-mounted image). Fortunately, however, Katie and Hartie have made this something of a breeze: once the high-level folders have been set-up, there are a pair of unpackers in the outfit folder; simply drag these out and then click-through a set of instructions they supply that guide you through getting the Alphas from the package and into their correctly named folders with minimal effort – you don’t even have to create the folders!

The only slight drawback is that the required set-up will go against your existing #RLV structure and format – it did mine, as it confusingly lead to me have two “Restraint” folders – but re-sorting my stuff didn’t take much effort, and was frankly a small price to pay in order to ensure the Body corset works properly.

Once set-up, and providing the folders are structured correctly from the top, using the Body Corset is a simple matter of wearing it, although fitting / sizing it to your own shape can take a little patience; if you’re short on that – use the default shape provided! Resizing itself is menu-driven via the PLUGINS menu – you can resize the jacket of the suit in increments, although I found this worked best with some very small and careful alignment adjustments to the jacket using EDIT->POSITION. Be careful, to of accidentally hitting MAX SIZE on the resize menu: it can be very alarming as the jacket balloons outwards, and I had problems with some of the prims properly resizing back down afterwards (took several attempts adjusting the size by various increments to get them all back in place).

Like most bondage items, it can be hidden when not active, and has various precautions to prevent unwarranted locking – although equally, you can go that way if you like living dangerously.

The bondage options on the outfit are impressive, and include:


  • Gag, with different levels of mumbling / incoherency
  • Emote blocking
  • “Earplugs” to prevent chat being heard, or to render chat garbled
  • Optional IM send / receive blocking
  • Blindfold with faux-blind (eyes covered in-world, but still able to see), partial blindness (screen a touch over 50% darkened, full blindness (blank screen)
  • Hair options (ponytail and/or pigtails) – with colour options
  • Show / hide head harness


  • 5 bondage positions for the arms: “mummy”, straitjacket arms front, straitjacket arms back, armbinder, and arm sack (arms held wrists up between shoulder blades)
  • Leashing options
  • Resizing

Leg Corset

  • 6 hobble binding positions and 2 positions that hold the wearer immobile
  • Ability to shoe / hide ballet-heeled mono boot

Armbinder & Ponytail

Additionally, the outfit contains a wide range of additional options that are more than enough to satisfy any bondage aficionado, including: timelocks; the ability to alter the texture finish on just about all the parts of the suit (jacket, leg corset, hood, straps, buckles, etc.); multiple colour options; additional restrictions (RLV-activated, such as restricting camera movement, forcing mouselook, applying additional RLV restrictions to deny edit, rezzing, maps, inventory, etc.); some quite wicked options (catatonic being one – I’ll let you discover that), and more. Another element – beloved of many who use RR products – is the ability to block the wearer’s ability to interact with in-world objects.

As with all RF devices, there is an ownership / key capability, together with a master-key system that you can use to ensure that trusted friends can always help you out of a tight spot.

Little niggles

There are some niggles with the outfit – although these are more due to the limitations of SL than they are with the body corset itself. If you are prone to wearing bling, especially rings or bracelets – take them off or turn the bling off. If you don’t, you’re liable to see them floating around and sparkling, as the alpha masks obviously only hide your body parts…what’s more, if you have an AO active, even though your “body” in the corset may appear rigidly held, your alpha masked limbs are still moving – so people can get disconcerted as rings float through the air. At the very least, still turn your AO off.

Arm Sack & Pigtails

Of a slightly bigger niggle is the fact that no matter how one tries, prims and sculpties are not going to perfectly match the human body shape – so some of the bondage poses used with the leg corset can look decidedly odd. Again, there is nothing that can be done about this; the fault lies with SL, not Katie’s design. Finally, and again, given the use of scuplties and alpha masks, some of the included  submissive animations tend to look a little odd when in action – if you can move when the suit is visible! – so best use them when the suit is “hidden”…

But – these are minor niggles. Overall, the body corset provides a comprehensive outfit, one that effectively embraces one of SL’s newer capabilities to great effect.  Going from the sales made at the product launch party, I’d say it is already a sure-fire winner within SL, and one that is only going to become more popular as it is seen. Kudos to Katie and Hartie for raising the bar so brilliantly.

Price: L$1250

Visit the Restrained Freedom store.

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