A Quick Word

I’ve been blogging about my SL times since the end of 2007. As I post rather eclectively on both D/s and Second Life in general, I’ve now split my blog up. This one deals with the many and varied facets of D/s within the virtual domain of Second life. My Inara Pey Design blog is the place to go for information on my commercial house designs and builds. My Modemworld blog deals with Second Life, Linden Lab and Virtual worlds as I explore and see them.

Within this blog you’ll find an eclectic mix of essays on D/s in which I try to look at D/s and BDSM as it is portrayed in Second Life with a measure of real-world sensibilities, recognising that – to use the familiar truism – while we’re looking at pixels on our screens, the feelings behind them can often times be very genuine and sincere. There are also reviews of various elements of the D/s lifestyle in Second Life – clothing, equipment, stores, and so on, as well as some personal glimpses of my own life, loves and activities in SL as they relate to D/s.

I’m quite approachable in-world, and enjoy looking at the dynamics surrounding Second Life almost as much as I like spending time in-world doing things and having fun. I’m not that into games and stuff, but I do take time – when available – to dip my toes into other worlds as well, so you may find ramblings on other places here as well as SL.

My real life is not a totally closed book – but neither is it open for all to read; some of it will get mentioned here and there, and I hope this doesn’t detract from things! In terms of D/s, I first got seriously involved in bondage play in my late teens and progressed into the scene from there. I’ve been actively involved in more than one D/s-oriented relationship and have been involved in a number of D/s communities. I don’t class myself as either “Domme” or “sub” – if a label must be applied, then perhaps the best one would be “Switch”; although I tend more to the Domme side of things as a natural expression of my personality.

I hope you enjoy reading this and my other blogs, and that you’ll leave any comments that come to mind!