Clothing: Chey’s Spicy Outfits

Latex clothing is one of the most evocative types of the fetish ensemble one can imagine. Little wonder then, that there are so many latex clothing makers within SL.

But while one can hardly turn for fear of tripping over a latex vendor of one kind or another when mooching around a fetish-related mall, it’s fair to say that there are only a handful of in-world designers who truly capture the look and “feel” of latex in a way that reflects it’s real-life appeal.

One such designer is Cheyenne Colasanti, owner of Chey’s Spicy Outfits. Chey’s designs cover the full spectrum of latex clothing from the sheerest of undies to the most provocative of catsuits, and it is fair to say I’ve been a fan of her work since she launched her first range of outfits. Her attention to deal is superb, and reflects the fact that she has a real understanding of latex: seams are as they would appear on actual outfits, her coloured textures accurately mirror the look of newly-polished latex adhering to the flesh, while her translucent and transparent designs mirror how such items can cause “ripple” patterns of differing hues against the skin, as shown in the photo of her “Rachel” outfit, left.

I particularly like Chey’s range of catsuits, all of which sit up there alongside the likes of PoC anhd Hugo’s in terms of attention to detail and styling – and are easily some of the most fashionable cats to have in your collection. I have to admit, I’m very partial to her black catsuits, which come in a range of styles, such as the V66 (right), which has daringly-transparent bust cups. As one would expect with a top designer, Chey has embraced tattoo layers, allowing her hoods catsuits to be worn with your existing skin.

Similarly, her range of latex lingerie is outstanding, with stocking / slip / corset / glove combinations to suit any bedroom encounter with an edge of fetish to it. For those with a liking for mor traditional lingerie, Chey also has a range of nylon undie and lingerie sets that are well worth a look at.

Chey’s eye for design doesn’t stop with her clothing: while her work can be found in most fetish outlets across SL, her main store, located at Greater Farnley, is a clean, ultra-modern layout that has been crafted with a careful eye to detail and which provides a truly suitable environment in which to view her designs and outfits. Camming around the store is easy, with nothing to block or impede views, and all her vendor boards are well-placed and very easy to scan through. The pictures on the boards provide excellent views of the outfits without blurring or any sense of them having been touched-up in any way beyond the removal of the original background against which they may have been taken. Certainly, they provide a true WYSIWYG experience: looking at them you know you are viewing a quality product.

Chey’s confidence with texturing is such that she dares to produce outfits many other designers would steer clear of; marvellous blendings of colour that create something truly unique while still retaining that indefinable “quality latex” look inherent in her work. One of my favourites in this regard is the Flame catsuit (left). The colours in this outfit are really eye-catching, and the design “flows” very naturally with any movement, giving the suit a beautifully-real look and feel. I rate it as one of my all-time favourite outfits, and were I to have a similar catsuit in real life, it would probably be my first choice for fetish parties at Skin Two or elsewhere!

If you are looking for beautifully-designed SL latexwear and you’ve not tried Chey’s Spicy Outfits, then I strongly urge you to pop along to her store in-world. What you will find will not only delight you – it also won’t break your piggy bank in two: Chey’s work is not only fabulously designed, it is also very modestly priced, again reflecting Chey’s own genuine modesty and warm heart.

Chey Spicy Outfits can be found at Greater Farnley – click the link for the Surl.

Outfits shown

  • Top: “Rachel” set of black red cupped corset (jacket layer); black / red gloves, transparent seamed tights (panties and pants layers)
  • Centre picture: “Latex catsuit v66 (black)”,shirt and underwear layers included
  • Bottom: “Latex catsuit v1 – Flame”, 6-piece outfit with underwear and shirt/pants layers as well as gloves and stocking.

Chey's store, Greater Farnley

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