The “10 Rules” of D/s

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2 thoughts on “The “10 Rules” of D/s

  1. Michael Sypher

    Im new to the idea of becoming a Dom ! I have met a submisive that is interested in me learning about the world of D/s & S&M,and the possability of me becoming her Dom.
    I have always had interst in this myself ! So I want to explore,and learn all I can to see if this is something I can do and get into ! The idea of becoming a Loving Dominant excites me as I do want the control eliment,and am not mean or abusive with women now !

    I have learned much in reading the 10 rules,and previous artical ! Thank You Immencely.

    1. Jade

      If you want to know more about the lifestyle of being in a BDSM relationship visit . There you can talk to people that have been Doms and subs for many years.

      Hope this helps 🙂

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