D/s Essays

The following is a ready-reference to essays penned by myself on D/s and BDSM, all of which can be otherwise searched via the categories and tag cloud in this blog.

Concepts and Conduct

Collars and SL – assessing the significance of collars & applying some rl meaning to SL

Finding Space Part 1: Subspace – what is subspace?

Finding Space Part 2: Dominant Space – what is Dominant space?

Finding Space Part 3: Accessing subspace – How might one access subspace in a virtual environment?

SSC and RACK – a look at Safe, Sane, Consensual and Risk Aware Consensual Kink within virtual worlds

D/s Play

Sensual D/s – not all D/s is whips and chains and bondage and boots!


The loving Dominant – what are the traits inherent in a “good” Dominant?

The nature of domination – What is “domination”?

Dominant typology – the types of Dominant common to SL

Dominant roles – the roles Dominant may assume as the mood takes them

Starting out: SL Domination – where to start, what to learn


The caring submissive – what are the traits a submissive should aspire to?