KDC’s new store layout

KDC is a brand with a very long history in SL, Kyrah Abattoir having started out in SL way back in 2004. It’s a brand associated with well-textured and a creative latex outfits, and some of the earliest fetish and BDSM products within Second Life; I still remember purchasing my first catsuit from KDC.

Over the years, KDC has constantly grown and encompassed fetish in all its forms, and Kyrah developed some of the most famous locking systems in SL, including the ubiquitous Lockmeister protocol and more recently the TouchBound system.

A hallmark of KDC has not only been with innovation, but also with store design. For the last several years, the store has been something of a unique sci-fi oriented experience, apparently floating in space on three linked rocky platforms with the looming bulk of a huge space ship behind them.

Well, no more. The atmospheric platforms, surrounded by stormy sky, have been replaced by a more traditional store featuring bricks and stone and wood and carpets. But this is not to say that it is in anyway mundane – far from it. The new store is quintessentially KDC: unique, stylish and reflective of the care and consideration that goes into Kyrah’s products.

Looking down the length of the store to the TP arrival point

The first thing that strikes one on arriving a the new store for the first time is how light and airy it feels – you’re still floating in space and the clouds roil outside, but inside all in calm and warm. The second thing that hist you is how in keeping with Kyrah’s designs and interests the store’s décor is; you may be visiting it for the first time, but it is instantly familiar and, as a result, welcoming.

A central carpeted walkway leads from the TP area through the store to the back rooms, with archways opening off on either side where the KDC product range is displayed in wood-finish vendor boards. Additionally, mannequins can be found placed around the store that given shoppers the chance to see how Kyrah’s outfits look when worn, rather than simply relying on images on the vendors or experiencing lag as a result of sharing the store with a number of scripted agents.

Each display area is perfectly lit and the new vendor boards are crisp and clear, and pose stands are provided to allow for the fitting of prim-based items purchased at the store.

As you walk down the central aisle, signs help you pick out the sections of the store, and to quickly locate product lines you may be specifically looking for.

At the back of the store is a cellar-like play area that is open for use by visitors to the store, and which, when not in use, adds a little atmospheric spice to the the place, complete with lit wall sconces and roaring fireplaces.

Not everything from the old store has vanished however: the teleport arrivals area remains unchanged, lying just outside the store proper and acting as a physical link to the store’s heritage. What’s more, if you cam up over the store, the space ship is still there!

The familiar TP arrival point, just outside the new store

It is clear that Kyrah has put a lot of time and thought into the new store and layout. It is totally in keeping with her product line and the KDC brand, while also being unique different and “new” in comparison to the older store layout, and something that encourages people to come browse and wander, again, just as the old store did, but in a totally different way.

If you’ve not visited KDC in a while, why not make a point of doing so today?

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