The Dominant’s Creed

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9 thoughts on “The Dominant’s Creed

  1. Michael Sypher

    The Dominant`s Creed;- This makes perfect sense to me on how the relationship between
    the Domanant and submisive should be,from the Dom`s perspective. Domanance but always with the best interests of the submisive at heart.
    The best frame of mind to start out with,and continue with !

  2. Eroll

    No disease is either healthy or static. This one no exception. The end result is consumption ( fullfillment? ) of the submissive. The enjoyment of both dom & sub is that by experiencing it in “pleasurable” degrees, the finite moment can be milked for, hopefully, maximum pleasure. It’s too bad that time & dementia etc. will steal even the memory of these…. pleasures.

      1. ktz2

        I have it , and ‘the Loving Dominant’ as well, on my D/s themed blog {bluebump}–and several others you list here, saved in my personal files. . all great pieces.

  3. phreak

    unfortunately, this ‘creed’ is utter tripe that does not take the human condition into account.

  4. Eroll

    Agree, this “creed” is a psychospiritual disease. It’s proponent is simply a disease carrier.

  5. s_devin

    It’s really too bad that folks comment on things they really don’t grasp. As a Dominant I follow this creed in my interactions with my slave, daily. There is nothing about it that is “tripe”. It is the morally responsible way to approach the relationship between a sub and Dom. Thank you for posting it.

  6. Vakis

    This should be the law’s of the relationship between a Dom/mes and a submissive, there are out there man and women scaring this beloved title of been a Dom/me.
    These persons never seek for a good Dom/me x submissive relationship they simply greed pleasure and ignore everything else. I’m proud to be a slave to my Mistress who tought me this with such kindness and determination.

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