RLV Corsets: KaS & B’s

Corsets have been an object of fetish for decades. Men and women alike love the shape(s) they generate, and as a wearer of them myself in the past, I can also say there is a genuine love for the control and restriction(s) they impose.

There are several examples of prim corsets available in Second Life that help to reproduce the look and the sensation of control. However, until the arrival of Alpha Masks, all such items had to rely on invisiprims, something that we lived with, but which wasn’t always ideal.

Today, however, and albeit it with some limitations, we do have Alpha Masks, and prim corsets within SL are now coming of age. As such, I’d like to look at two designs in particular: the KaS Waist Corset by Salid Sewell and the Mistress Corset, aka B’s Laced Corset, by Bhadragura Rodenberger.


When purchased in-world, the KaS corset comes in a prim package which must be dragged in-world and unpacked. This generates a folder containing the “original” version of the corset that uses an invisiprim, a level enabler, documentation, a landmark to the KaS main store, an emergency key to unlock the corset,two default shapes (female and male) designed to fit the corset and a boxed version that utilises an Alpha Layer to mask the midriff. This last item also needs to be unpacked.

The B’s Laced Corset is delivered in a folder, so no need to unpack, which contains the prim corset, two Alpha Layer masks to hide the midriff, documentation, a landmark to the store, and a slew of jacket layer finishes that can be worn when the corset is being used in its “mask” mode, rather than using the Alpha Layers, and which can be packed away / deleted if you are happy with the Alpha Layers.


Fitting either corset takes a little time – unless you happen to have a figure perfectly suited to corsets -especially when using the Alpha Layers, and the use of a pose stand is recommended. Both corsets have resizer scripts built-in, and it is recommended you use these over any attempts to manually resize. For the KaS corset, the resize options are located under OPTIONS -> SETTINGS -> RESIZE. For the B’s Laced Corset, they can be found under SETTINGS -> CORSET SIZE. Some minor repositioning of either corset might be called for while sizing, and this can be achieved by manually editing both corsets and adjusting the location up/down, although the B’s Corset also includes a script to adjust the position of the corset as well (SETTINGS ->POSITION).

Once sized, the KaS Corset will save your changes automatically, so fitting and sizing is a one-time task. However, the B’s Laced Corset is somewhat more complicated, as the size information is recorded and displayed in the Size menu, but must be manually added to a configuration Notecard contained in the corset itself – failure to do so means that the corset will default back to its original size the next time it is worn.

This shouldn’t be too much of a problem – except that the documentation accompanying the corset doesn’t actually make this clear; it simply suggests that changes might be recorded in the Notecard should the wearer desire.


KaS Corset tight-laced

The KaS corset has a nice feature wherein it can be worn on the chest or spine or pelvis – and it will automatically adjust itself to rez correctly without the need for further adjustment.  The B’s Laced Corset lacks this feature; by default it attaches to the Pelvis on being worn, and attaching it anywhere else requires some repositioning to get it to look right.

Both corsets are scripted so that different degrees of tight lacing can be achieved. Four levels are available with the KaS corset: COMFY, TIGHT, STRICT, and BREATHLESS. Eleven levels of lacing are available with the B’s Laced Corset, grouped under the general headings of SNUG (1), COMFORTABLE (3), TIGHT (2), CONSTRICTIVE (2), BREATHTAKING (2) and DEFORMATIVE (1) – this last one giving a very deep laced, wasp-waist look of the kind so beloved in fetish cartoons and drawings. A niggle I’ve had with the corset is that SNUG turns the prim invisible – which leaves you with a hole in your middle if using the Alpha Layer…

B's Corset on tightest lacing

Each corset takes a very different approach to lacing. In the case of the B’s Laced Corset, any level of lacing can immediately be applied using the TIGHTER and LOOSER buttons on the main menu. For the KaS corset, the wearer must undergo “training” to progressively tighten the corset; on a first-time wearing, the corset can only be laced to COMFY. However, wear it long enough (SL time) and the body is “trained” to a point where the next level of tightness is unlocked and can be applied. The wearer can then swap between the levels of lacing that have been unlocked – or can have any available levels of lacing forced upon them by a nominated “owner”.

Appearance and texturing

Both corsets can be re-textured to suit your appearance / outfit. For the B’s Laced Corset, one of twenty finishes can be applied using the SETTINGS ->DESIGN option and choosing a finish (or if using the invisiprim mask, you can wear one of the Jacket layers supplied to achieve the same result). The KaS corset is somewhat more sophisticated in that individual elements of the corset can be recoloured via OPTIONS->COLORING. Specifically, you can choose the colour of the corset itself and/or the lacing and/or the piping over the boning – this works well using either the Alpha Layer version or the version with the invisiprim.

Animation Overrides and animations

Both corsets have Animation Overrides; additionally, the KaS corset has a number of built-in animations, and it is possible to add more.

One of the problems with prim-based corsets is that the rigidity imposed on the avatar can result in some weird side-effects: the avatar can end up violently swaying from side-to-side when walking, for example; which is particularly noticeable with female walks that utilise a lot of hip-swinging (the infamous “sexywalk”  AO that seems to be the basis for so many female walks). The KaS corset provides two in-built animation overrides that largely combat this effect: walk_1c and Walk Pony (for those who wish to combine the corset with a ponygirl look). Selecting either of these from OPTIONS  ->SETTINGS ->CONFIG AO -> HUMAN AO (or PONY AO) -> WALKING.

The B’s Laced Corset suffers from the same issue; sadly, however, the AO doesn’t mitigate the walking issues as well as the KaS: there nearest you can get is to turn off the AO altogether, which leads to the corset bobbing from side-to-side rather than your avatar. Failing this, it’s a matter of either finding a suitable walking animation to used in conjunction with the corset via your AO HUD (assuming your HUD supports the selection of specific walks).

The KaS includes a number of additional animations:  subhug, curtsey and bow – and it is possible to add further animations simply be dropping the corset in-world and dragging the animations into it. Animations can be removed the same way, or deleted (if they are COPY, and you’ve still got the original in your inventory) using OPTIONS ->SETTINGS -> REM.ANIMS.

Locking and ownership

Both corsets support RLV functionality – they can be “locked” on and thus become non-detachable when running RLV. The KaS corset displays a nice little set of padlocked bars sealing both the front busk and rear lacing when it has been locked.

Both also support the concept of “ownership”, allowing one (or more) people take control of various features of the corset – such as the ability to lock it (and thus denying the user the ability to unlock and remove it).

Ownership with the KaS corset is a matter of standing close to the individual concerned, then selecting OPTIONS -> ADD OWNER and then clicking on the name of the individual when it is displayed on a button-enabled list in the menu. B’s Laced Corset uses a “masters” Notecard to record owners – one name per line. Once updated, the corset must be detached and re-worn in order for the ownership list to take effect.

When ownership has been set on the B’s Laced Corset, the wearer has a more restricted access to the menu – they can no longer lock the corset, and the owner can even prevent them from changing the lacing by activating the Sub Mode option, which leaves the wearer with only access to the SETTINGS menu.

Setting Owners on the KaS corset doesn’t immediately change anything. However, if the wearer locks the corset – only an owner can unlock it. Further, owners can restrict the degree of access the wearer has to the menu options through three settings on the STRICTNESS menu:

  • “Light Mode” : the wearer can use show/hide, change colors, resize, and use the ANIMATE menu
  • “Strict Mode”: the OPTIONS menu is blocked
  • “Hard Mode”  : the OPTIONS and ANIMATE menus are blocked.

However, whatever strictness is set, the wearer will still be able to swap between available lacing levels.

Removing an owner from the B’s Laced Corset is a matter of editing the “masters” Notecard and deleting the required name, then detaching and re-wearing the corset. However, if the corset is locked under RLV, it will be necessary to re-log to non-RLV in order to complete this.

The KaS corset is a little more sophisticated. An “Emergency Key” is supplied: this is then worn and the EMERGENCY option is selected from the OPTIONS menu, and the wearer is given the choice of unlocking the corset (with a warning sent to the owner who locked it) or of removing the owner from the corset completely. Alternatively, an owner can be removed by another owner.

Other features

Both corsets come with a number of additional features. The KaS includes an UPDATER button and a Button to show / hide the corset (NOT recommended when using the Alpha Layer!). A nice feature is a Level Enabler which allows you to transfer your lacing levels between copies of the corset and to newer versions following update, so you don’t have to go through all the “training” again to enable them. Simply wear the “old” corset, rez the enabler, touch it, then wear the “new” corset, touch the enabler again, and the lacing levels are unlocked.

The B’s Laced Corset includes a “pussy” string – a set of through-the-legs straps and prims representing the labia and sphincter, and a set of “Rubber Doll Boobs” in three sizes. Both the “string” and the boobs can be worn from the SETTINGS menu. Additionally the “breath” tag displayed over the wearer’s head can be turned on or off, as cane the corset’s chat comments, and the wearer can be referred to in chat messages by their first name or full name – again, all controlled from the SETTINGS menu.

The B’s Laced Corset also includes a Config Notecard (as mentioned earlier), through which certain defaults can be set when the corset is worn. These comprise:

  • Corset texture
  • Corset size (which you should update whenever you alter the size of the corset)
  • Corset shape (normal or “vintage” (with a deeper underbust)
  • Position
  • Position of the invisiprim mask
  • Corset AO default
  • Enable / disable the corset’s chat comments / the breath tag
  • Whether or not the boobs and “string” are attached at wear or not
  • Whether the corset uses the wearer’s full name or first name in chat comments.

This is a useful feature to have – particularly as it allows you to turn off the annoying breath tag hover text. However, it really could do with going a little further – such as including an option to set the tightness of the corset when worn, and whether the corset menu is open to the public or private (the default is PUBLIC, which can be annoying if you forget to change it on wearing).

A novel feature of the B’s Laced Corset is the DANGER option. When this is on, and the corset is tightly laced, your avatar may well faint, after displaying some pained expressions on her face. This can be prevented by toggling the corset to TAME.


Both corsets come with reasonable documentation – although the documentation with the KaS is potentially easier to read and more in-depth than that for the B’s Laced Corset. Certainly, the later could benefit from clarifying the need to record information in the Configuration Notecard. However, both corsets are relatively easy to use, and the menu systems on both are very straight forward and relatively easy to understand and use.

Personal Opinion

Each of these corsets offers a lot and they look very similar when both are set to a black gloss finish. Given their relative prices and the features sets in each, there is very little to choose between them for the first-time buyer. However, and leaving my personal bias for KaS products to one side, were I to opt for one or the other, I’d have to say I’d go with the KaS for four main reasons:

  • The AO works painlessly and doesn’t result in a weird penguin-like wobble
  • The ability to tint the corset is superior to that of the B’s Laced Corset
  • The set-up is less complicated and the corset is more intuitive when it comes to “remembering” set laced options. etc.
  • I personally prefer the ownership / emergency key set-up.

The B’s Corset, for me,also appears to be a little quirky at times – I had problems getting the corset to register new “owners” during testing, and the corset seems to rez completely invisible until a lacing level is set, as mentioned above, and which is unsettling when using the Alpha Layers.  The fact that the corset will not “remember” a given lacing level between “wears” is also a little annoying.

The B’s Corset could be made more attractive with the inclusion of a decent AO, and to be fair to Bhadra, when it comes to the walking issue, her corset is not alone with that problem. But as it stands, for the extra L$100, I’d have to plump for the KaS Corset, but unless or until the AO issue is fixed, the B’s corset tends to look great until you actually try moving around.

KaS Corset: price: L$850; Perms: Copy / No Mod or Transfer; from the KaS Adult andMature stores.

B’s Laced Corset: price: L$750; Perms: No Copy / Mod & Transfer; from: Bhadra’s Fetish Shop.

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