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Wrapped in Rubber 2: Adding to the look

Back in April, I described a look Spikeheel Star and I have been working on (and several other now have similar looks). As promised back then, here’s some more information on the look, and an update as to what has been developing since then.

The basic look

First, the look itself. This is a combination of mesh and sculpts, most of it customised to some degree, and all of it from different content creators.

  • The basic “suit” is a mesh avatar by Danielravenest Ni, sold through the Tirion Designs brand. At the time of writing, this costs L$250 with Copy
  • The boots are also mesh, made by Regan Flasheart and sold under the Random Inspirations brand. I use the ballet-style boots, but there are a range of other ankle / mid-calf boots that are also suitable
  • The hood and bust are from Winter Ventura’s Eclectic Randomness range, being the Fetish Doll Hood and Latex Implants (although I’ve recently switched over to using modified VS “”V-string” X_X implants from Hemi Violet, as these have a slightly more natural look to them and are mesh).

The rest really is then up to you. For my outfit I have:

  • A communications implant and isolation control, both of which can only be obtained directly from Lust Melody in-world
  • The KPU PwrCtr Core & HUD by Vie Kiama, available in-world from her store at The Doll Works or he vendors at Coghaven
  • SLiCK bondage mittens
  • A cute little “plug”, re-scripted using Real Restraint ballgag scripts
  • Hair from Sirena (somewhat modified – but any sculpted or flexihair will do providing it can be sized to fit

The Tirion Designs mesh avatar comes in a number of options. My preference is to use the full body option (everything sans face / skull) for a seamless look to the suit (although you can use the individual body, hips, legs and hands parts if you want). If you opt for the full body, you’ll need to make at least the feet “invisible” (I also hide the hands as well, so I can use the SliCK bondage mittens – when I need hands, I simply swap the mitts for a pair of the avatar’s hands.

The avatar itself needs a little preparation. Note that the look I and Spikeheel use has custom scripts that allow for colour & texture changing. If you have the coding skill, these are relatively easy to produce (we have no plan to market ours); if not, you can opt to default your look to your own selected colour – simply rez the parts of the avatar you wish to use in-world and colour them using EDIT->TEXTURE. For the polished finish, leave the mesh untextured and simply set SHININESS to either LOW or MEDIUM according to your preference. Of course, if you have a suitable texture, you can also apply that. Remember that to achieve the same degree of shine to the rest of your outfit, you’ll have to apply the same level of shininess to part of all of the the remaining items.

To hide the feet / hands of the avatar, rez it in-world and EDIT it. Check SELECT FACE on the Edit floater and then right-click on the feet and apply a suitable transparent texture. Do the same to the hands if you’re going to use bondage mitts & then texture a set of hands to wear when not using the mitts.

Hair also requires the shininess set (flexihair will turn more “rubbery” when shininess is applied) and you may want to apply a suitable colour. Note that not all flexihair works, or you may need to edit a style to get it to work.

Recent changes

The basic look has been evolving. The scripts we use now support around 80 colour tones and up to 24 textures – all of which give a massive set of possible combinations.

More recently, I’ve added an alternative set of options using Groll Greggan’s T-Ease suit, sold under the Grollwerks brand. Like everything else I use, this is Copy / Mod, allowing it to be re-worked to suit my needs. The helmet in particular has come in for attention, with all three supplied styles of the helmet (no hair, a single ponytail or twin ponytails) re-scripted to match the rest of my outfit..

Grollwerk’s T-Ease helmet reworked

Gynoid style

The Grollwerks helmet also comes with detailing that opens up possibilities for customisation, such as including communications restrictions & a gag option – for those who can find them ;-).

Additionally, the Grollwerks suit includes sculpt parts, which are handy as they can be slightly modified to work with the mesh avatar to achieve a somewhat “gynoid” look. These require a slight degree of repositioning and sizing to achieve a decent finish with the mesh avatar (particularly the boots), but they tend to work out OK (at least I think so), and they help present a further, more mechanical finish to the outfit for those who like it.

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about the “gynoid” look – I like things a little more sleek – so it’s not likely to be something I’ll be wearing all the time. It is, however, where having a set of mesh hands to go with the suit comes in  – pardon the pun – handy; the gauntlet elements of the T-Ease suit fit the mesh hands better then they would the SLiCK mitts!

The other change I’ve made is to Lust Melody’s isolation panel. This originally had three green light on it for shutting-off the wearer’s chat, hearing and in-world sight respectively. As I’m not great fan of being “blind” in SL, and the sight option relies on an old-style prim HUD attachment (which I never wore), I removed the prims and scripts for the “blinding” option from the attachment. Hence why the number of green lights changes from 3 to 2 in the pictures here :).

The ER Hood, showing the “plug”. Note also the “two button” isolation unit on my chest and the implant in the “forehead” of the hood

I’m not sure how much further the look will evolve, while I’m constantly looking out for ideas – even those that might spark a whole new look – there’s also the fact that what I have here is probably more than enough to suit my needs. However, I’ll give another update if anything else pops up or works out.

In the meantime, hope this update answers questions people have had on the outfit itself and encourages those so interested to have a go – although I will say that time being what it is, I’m sorry to say it’s unlikely I’ll be able to help people seeking assistance with custom scripting; nevertheless, if you do have specific questions regarding putting your own suit together outside of scripting enquiries, feel free to drop me a line in the comments.