An Exotix life: wrapped in rubber

Call me Exotix...

I’ve always had a fascination for latexwear, both fashion and fetish; a big attraction with SL is the ability to indulge myself whenever I want, and sometimes in ways that simply are possible in real life.

Lately, I’ve been playing with a new latex-style look, largely due to the influence of my partner-in-crime in these matters (and overall Thought Leader in matters of fetish style), Spikeheel Starr. It was Spikeheel – Spikey to those of us who know her – who demonstrated a stunning look she’d been introduced to by Oynx, one of her friends – and I was hooked on it from first sight.

It’s a kind of riff on the “bane” look – although I’m not personally into that per se – but with some differences (most noticeably, not having to be isolated from others all the time). The overall look can be see on the right.

It’s an addictive look, and one that I really like; so much so that I haven’t been out of it in a month and have adopted a name-change to go with the look: Exotix (with Spikeheel having set the trend as Erotrix a good while ago).

Of course, no fetish outfit of this nature would be complete without a few kinky twists: communications restrictors, power cell systems and the like, which I may well blog about at a later date, depending on the interest shown :). But rather than rabbit on about it here, I’ll cut to some pictures instead.

Just the two of us ... with Erotrix (Spikey), right




Exotix colours: twelve (so far!) to match mood changes

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

17 thoughts on “An Exotix life: wrapped in rubber

    1. Inara Pey Post author

      The outfit is very much a “custom” design (and is still evolving), being made up of a mix of mesh and attachments from a number of different content creators. Elements have been re-scripted (such as the hood, in my case), and we’ve also included dedicated scripting as well (for things like the colour changing).

      I’ll probably publish more information in the near future once we’ve finished experimenting with combinations and scripts.

      1. caramia Mizin

        Hello Inara, I stumbled on your ‘outfit’ today by chance, and I love it, can you let me know where I can purchase from either in inworld (SL) or marketplace, thanks, caramia

      2. slutrix

        Hello caramia; Please read the follow-up post here. To tell the truth, however, this look has evolved further over time, as new, better mesh avatars have become available.

      1. Belazu

        If only I could! I somehow feel I would love you to show me more. Indeed, I feel I would love you to do anything you liked. I loved the freedom of SL. I miss it.

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  4. caramia Mizin

    Hello Slutrix, thank you for the reply however ” follow up Post’ here will not open for me, can you give me name of shoppe or SIM location.

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