Monthly Archives: March 2012

Time for a change?

This blog has been left to fend for itself for a while now. Frankly, I’m surprised it still gets any attention at all – but it seems it does, and I’d like to thank all of you who drop by here to see if anything is new.

If I’m honest, what started here was a little bit of a conceit on my part, and attempt to try and bring greater understanding about D/s into the digital world of Second Life  – where things can be misrepresented / misunderstood, but where they can also be played out very well. Over time it has morphed somewhat – non D/s posts began to appear, and were eventually broken off into my Modemworld blog, and I broaden horizons a little here to cover SL fetish fashion and the like.

Over time, trying to maintain this blog and  Modemworld become a little time consuming; as the wider aspects of SL – the people, the politics (small “p”) and so on – fascinate me deeply, this bog was ignored, despite half-hearted attempts to reinvigorate it.

I do still intend to get my old essays on D/s and Second Life moved over to this blog, and promise to put work into that in the coming days in the hope that they do have some relevance. Going forward beyond this, I’m thinking about changing the emphasis somewhat. Both in the real world and in SL, my involvement in D/s circles isn’t as great as it once was; as such, when it comes to SL, I’m probably going to focus more on personal aspects rather than news, views and any form of opinion and will see how well received (or otherwise!) that tends to be. If this blog remains unnoticed, then I have only myself to blame for not tending to it more regularly, and again offer my apologies to all of you who have kept an eye on it over the last year to see if anything is going on.