The loving Dominant

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9 thoughts on “The loving Dominant

  1. Filine Limondi

    WOW! It’s amazing how you describe the “main point” of being a “good” Dominant. I love your relaunch of the site BTW…
    *hugs and deep understanding smile*


    1. Inara Pey Post author


      Thanks for the feedback; hopefully I’ll get the rest of the essays I’d like to move here updated and posted soon. Have a number of completely new articles in preparation as well, so hopefully this will become as active as my “main” SL blog!

  2. Steve Harris

    I am just getting into the lifestyle, and have found many differing opinions as to what makes a good Dominant. Some fit with the image I had in my head coming into this, and some, quite frankly, nearly made me second guess my decision. But after reading this, I feel I have a much greater understanding of not only what I can expect as a Dominant, but what is expected of me as a Dominant. I can only say, thank you. As I grow in my life as a Dominant, I am more confidant now that I have the Keys to be a good Dominant, and I eagerly look forward to the experiences ahead.

  3. Craig

    A dear, dear friend and experienced sub recommended this post to me as my SL lover and I started exploring D/S. In fact, she recommended a lot of reading, but this post headed the list, and it has proved to me again how wise and caring a friend she is! This is a thoughtful, beautifully written piece that arrived at just the right moment in my life with just the right message to convince me that my being dominant to my submissive lover is a good fit that will enhance our relationship, not alter it. We have now emarked wholeheartedly on this amazing journey together, and this article was the starting point. Thank you!

  4. BobOblivion

    I greatly appreciate this post (as have/will others). It put into words the kind of Dom I wish to become (as I am always growing). I was also pleased as your summary of a good Dom is pretty much how I perceive it, many aspects I knew on an intuitive level or perhaps are just how I am anyway. All the same I’m just glad at how you clarified everything and put into words what I know in my heart. I’m glad to see compassionate people like you upon my entry into this lifestyle. It affirms to me that it’s a right choice.
    Many Blessings-Bob

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