The caring submissive

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6 thoughts on “The caring submissive

  1. Filine Limondi

    Silently agree from me…
    It’s so brilliant how you find the words to describe thoughts and feelings. Reading your essays makes me allways so moody (not in the negative meaning of “moody”). I had read them in the “old” blog and discover new aspects in now rereading them in relaunch.

    *BIG HUGS and THANKS so so much*


    1. Inara Pey Post author

      Thank you for both the feedback and praise; both are sincerely appreciated.

  2. Kelsey

    Impressive and very helpful, i needed to know whether i could fit into either role in SL and I take great comfort is knowing they have similar required approaches. I am new to SL and the world is still strange to me but i have quickly developed strong relationships which is exciting and somewhat surprising. I hurt when others hurt and want to make everyone I meet happy. As domme, if I can master it, I can make a few happy, as sub i can maybe make a family happy. Thankyou again for this Inara.

    1. Inara Pey Post author

      Welcome to Second Life, Kelsey, and I’m glad this piece helped with your explorations. D/s here can be fun, enlightening and a little bewildering, but many of the precepts common to rl D/s and BDSM can apply / can be applied here as well.

      I hope you continue to explore and grow, and that future articles in this series (when I can get them written!) will be of use as well!

  3. Taneek

    Well Hello I am new to Second Life = BaybDiva – but not bdsm.
    and looking to find and understand more ways to be a better sub for my self as as as for my Daddy Dom

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